Presidente Cosimo Codardo. Oltre 50 anni di esperienza nella produzione di vernici decorative e tradizionali.






Rivedil is a world leading producer of interior and exterior top-quality decorative paints, coatings and plasters, as well as conventional paints and coatings, and was established in 1980 from the passion and experience of its founder Cosimo Codardo. The insights provided by Mr. Cosimo Codardo , and his great dedication to colors, guided him to overcome all difficulties and develop an unbridled passion for decorative paints. These insights came to real life with the creation of special decorative products such as the filler Spaccante (patented product ) and the production of Floccoli (Flakes).
In 1999, his son Marco Codardo joined the company alongside his father in the management and closely following every step of the manufacturing process , from production to marketing.
From year 2000 onwards Rivedil is present on the foreign market by implementing a new corporate policy of direct marketing and production, and participates in numerous exhibitions, which turn out to be the springboard for Rivedil products worldwide. Rivedil is today present in many countries worldwide: France, Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Albania, Spain, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Armenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan, Kuwait, Qatar and Azerbaijan.
The products are designed by Rivedil in Salice Salentino , the historical headquarters of the company.
Decorazioni Rivedil is an active leader in the field of Decorative Paints and Coatings from several decades, this thanks to the quality policies adopted by the company which compel it to search only the most valuable raw materials such as lime, present mainly in southern Italy, where Rivedil production is located.
Decorazioni Rivedil relies on its own specialized laboratory to analyse , test and verify the effectiveness of the raw materials on the market, this allows to select only the best products.
Decorazioni Rivedil is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
This certification guarantees the compliance of Rivedil is products with international quality standards.
Another key feature is the use of a tinting machine that allows the customer to customize the colours to suit their personal tastes and preferences.
In 2002 Rivedil founds “Rivedil Institut”, a decorative products application school, which organizes training courses all year round enabling participants to achieve a deeper knowledge and know-how of decorative products.
Among the various objectives that Rivedil aims to achieve , the main one is still in progress: “Every time a colour inspires emotions, we will be there”.